Infertility and vaccines – a lie from social networks


Not only is there no evidence that vaccines cause fertility problems
in men or women, but experts say there’s no realistic way they could.
Claims to the contrary on social media are false.

“There is no plausible reason — no medical or scientific mechanism – for this vaccine to interact with a woman’s reproductive organs or have any interaction with an egg that’s been released or fertilized.” says MU Health Care family medicine doctor Laura Morris, MD,

“While studies are ongoing, there is no data that the COVID-19 vaccines may cause infertility and no credible scientific theories for how the COVID-19 vaccine may cause female infertility,” Albert Hsu

There is evidence that infected pregnant women develop more severe COVID-19 symptoms , which is a reason more they should embrace rather than avoid vaccination.

Further, pregnant and recently pregnant people are at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

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