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Project HERO (Healthcare online)

As a group of scientists, immunologists, medical doctors and biochemists we feel that at the present time the most important tool we have to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection is to physically distance the most vulnerable populations, either of advanced age or hematological patients, as well as physicians from the potential contact with the virus.

The Project goal

We propose here that the same specialist who diagnosed and treated the patient by inevitable face-to-face interaction can continue to take care of the patient remotely avoiding redundant hospital visits during the patient’s convalescence at home.

The Central European Initiative Project

(CEI COVID-19 Extraordinary Call 2020)

Healthcare online HERO


will give support to our patients and improve the quality of the medical care which has been compromised with the Corona pandemic



With the HERO Project (Healthcare Online) we wish to assist patients recovering from hematologic malignancies. Our primary aim is to develop a telemedicine platform for patients that will enable them, as the most vulnerable group in the society during the current Corona crisis, to avoid physical contacts with other people and still to get a quality medical support from the comfort of their home.
Our target group will get an appointment with their own personal doctor for regular check-ups virtually, without taking risks of being exposed to SARS-CoV-2 or other viral infections by avoiding public transportation and hospital waiting rooms.

Yet, anamnesis, diagnosis and therapy for haematological diseases require a personal contact with medical professionals. Therefore, our project allows the convalescing patient to stay in contact with his personal doctor after returning home. Through an internet or telephone appointment the patient will be monitored and eventually will get a prescribed therapy adjustment though safe from physical contact.
The educational aim of the project will facilitate the patients’ access to information needed during treatment and recovery.

Our additional goal is to improve the knowledge of the general population and especially the target group of patients with leukemia as a population that is at major risk of COVID-19 infection.

  • Prof. Mariastefania Antica, PhD, SCYM (ASCP) Senior scientist with tenure
  • Dr. Lipa Čičin-Šain, PhD
    Senior scientist with tenure
  • Darko Heckel, DVM

Ruđer Bošković Institute
Zagreb, Croatia

  • Prof. Isabella Screpanti, MD,PhD
    Professor of immunology
  • Prof. Guilio Caracciolo, MD,PhD
    Professor of molecular medicine

Sapienza University of Rome
Rome, Italy

  • Dr. Sanja Novak,PhD
    Research Instructor

University of Connecticut, Connecticut, USA

  • Marsela Mišković, design student

Faculty of Graphic Art
Zagreb, Croatia

  • Assist. Prof. Delfa Radić-Krišto, MD, PhD
    Head of the Clinic for Internal Medicine
  • Assist. Prof. Anita Škrtić,
    MD, PhD, Director of Surgical Pathology, Department
    of Pathology and
  • Assist. Prof. Gordana Kaić, MD, PhD, Head of the Department of Clinical Cytology and Cytogenetics

University Hospital Merkur
Zagreb, Croatia


  • Prof. Valentin Shichkin, MD,PhD
    Professor of immunology

Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine” Kiev, Ukraine

  • Assist. Prof. Aleksandra Maršavelski, PhD
    Specialist in computational biochemistry

Faculty of Science
Zagreb, Croatia

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